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Meet the Fear Fighter

David is the first to admit that for a number of years he struggled with the myriad of challenges that fear brought to his own business. He has also experienced first-hand how fear can create a negative work environment that leads to disengaged employees.

After many years of research he was able to learn techniques to alleviate his fears and run a very successful business for over 14 years.

Now, he is passionate about sharing those techniques to help others to Crush Their Fear and Rock Their Success.

David is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Award Winning International Best Selling Author.

His clients include:

Sales Managers/ Managers
Are your employees operating at 100% engagement?

Statistics show that more than 70% of employees are feeling disengaged today.

According to a Harvard Business study the #1 cause of employee disengagement is fear. Fear of retaliation, humiliation, punishment and of course, the fear of being fired. David will teach your employees techniques to alleviate their fear factors and show them strategies to increase their levels of engagement.

Entrepreneurs/Business Owners
What Fears are Putting the Brakes on YOUR SUCCESS?

Fear of Failure? Fear of Success? Fear of the Not Having or Being Enough?

Fear can lead to poor decision making which may result in a lack of business success. David will help you to alleviate those fears and feel positively empowered through techniques to increase leadership skills.

Network Marketing Professionals
Why would you join one of those Pyramid Scams where 1 person makes all the money and you end up with nothing?

If this question, or others like it, make you Squirm, David will help to make the fears that cause the Squirming subside and help you to create more success in your Network Marketing Business.

Does your heart speed up, your palms get sweaty and your legs get weak before you take the stage? David will share proven strategies with you to help shed that stage fright.

Learn to Fight Fear

How To Become A Fearless Public Speaker

3 x 1 Hour Live Interactive Webinar Workshops
You Will Learn:

  • What Fear Is
  • How and Why It Affects Us
How To:
  • Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Change Negative Thought Patterns
  • Deliver a Powerful Presentation

Personal Investment $197
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Keynote Speaking

Advancing Leadership through Fear Management
David’s unique and dynamic style of mixing real life stories with gut wrenching honesty, animation and hilarity helps audiences to digest the seriousness of the Fear topic but also to leave them feeling empowered by taking away techniques in which to alleviate those Fears and become more successful in their businesses.


In the Crush Your Fear Rock Your Success in Network Marketing Workshop™ you will learn:

  1. Why 97% of people who join Network Marketing companies FAIL
  2. What The Fear Cycle is and how it controls our decision making process in business
  3. How Key Techniques will help you to Crush the Fear Cycle and Rock Your Success in your Network Marketing Business

Private Coaching

Are you willing to admit that you may have certain fears that are holding YOU back from success?

If So, I Invite You to Take The Fear Fighter Challenge!!!

The 90 Day Crush Your Fear and Rock Your Success Elite Private Coaching Program:

  • A 1 Hour Private Coaching Session per Week for 12 Weeks via Skype, Zoom or Messenger
  • Includes All Work Sheets and Study Materials
  • Personal Investment $2497

If you would like to find out how YOU can Crush Your Fear and Rock Your Success book a complimentary 15 minute phone/Skype session to learn how David can help your business to flourish.

Phone: 250-864-4750

Email: [email protected]