“Are We Going The Right Way?”


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I was out hiking in the mountains this morning and I ran into two ladies coming toward me on an intersecting trail. They stopped and one of them asked me “Are we going the right way?”

I paused and kind of chuckled, then answered, “I guess that depends on where you are going.”

They told me that they were heading back to the main parking area. I gave them directions. They thanked me and we headed off in different directions.

For the rest of my hike I kept thinking about their question, “Are we going the right way?” The more I thought about it the more it made sense to me. We should each be asking ourselves that question every morning. Life has many distractions. Lots of Fear. And plenty of trails that can lead us astray.

As I descended into the parking area I caught up with those two ladies. I asked them if I was going the right way. They laughed and said “OMG, I can’t believeĀ I actually asked you that.” I told them that I had been contemplating their question for the rest of my 90 minute hike. I then suggested that perhaps they should ask themselves that question every morning. Because I know I will from now on.

“Would things be easier if there was a right way?”— Hozier