“Why are people Fearful to try Network Marketing?”


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The term “Network Marketing” sends shivers down the spines of many and often has them running for the door.

Why Is This?

It’s not the Network Marketing Business model that is the problem, it’s the type of people that Network Marketing attracts. Don’t get me wrong, I know a great many Network Marketers who are some of the hardest working and incredibly successful business people that I have ever met. It’s the Other Ones. The ones who thought that they could work for 5 hours per week and earn $100,000 per month within the first 3 months of joining. And when they fail to reach those lofty goals, they quit and then badmouth the entire industry to everyone they come in contact with.

To compound this, most people have a fear of being taken advantage of. It goes back to our childhood, where we were talked into doing things that didn’t turn out very well (to put it mildly). We have ALL been taken advantage of by someone else in our lives and it has created a skeptical and suspicious side of us.

Most of us are fearful of being SOLD something that we can’t use, can’t afford, don’t want or don’t need. So, when that Network Marketer comes up to us claiming to solve the World’s Problems with 1 little pill or bottle, we get our backs up and look for any reason to say NO.

As a Professional Network Marketer it is your job to know this and to find ways to lower peoples’ skepticism whenever you are making a presentation. If you don’t you will trigger those automatic suspicious responses in people.

Stay tuned next time for a few examples of how to lower the resistance and reduce the skepticism during presentations.

“We can’t go on together with Suspicious Minds”  Elvis Presley