The Top 10 Questions I get asked about Fear by Business Entrepreneurs



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I have recently been working with a number of Network Marketing groups and I have realized that many of the same questions regarding Fear keep arising:

The #1 Most Asked Question: How do I get rid of the fear of my initial approach to a cold prospect?

There are 3 Key Solution Points to this question:

#1 It’s Not About You!

It’s Not About Selling! It IS about creating a relationship with a new person. How do we do that? By asking questions and listening intently to their answers. If you go in trying to Sign Them Up on the first touch your odds of being met by rejection, and the fear that goes along with it, will be very high. Instead, approach the person with a genuine interest in who they are, what their values are, what their level of integrity is and if you would really want them to be a part of Your team. Remember, YOU are the Captain of Your Team! You want to work with like-minded people who exhibit the same core values, morals, ethics and integrity that you have. Conversely, if you don’t have any values, morals, ethics or integrity then please feel free to talk to anyone.

#2 Believe in Your Product

If you don’t believe 100 % in your product…Nobody Else Will!! If you are trying to offer someone a product that you don’t have the utmost faith in, that it will have a positive impact on the person’s life, then you shouldn’t be involved with that product in the first place.

People are far too savvy and skeptical and will be able to see through you like a pane of glass.

#3 It’s Not About You!!!

Stop thinking about developing “The Perfect Pitch” and start speaking from the Heart! Being honest and sharing with them Your Personal Story (not someone on your upline’s story) of how this/these amazing product/s has changed your life for the better; whether it’s looking better or feeling better.

If you practice these 3 Keys you will be on the road to Crushing Your Fear of the initial approach and to Rocking Your Success in your Network Marketing Business!!

Stay tuned next time for Question #2…”How do I get over the Fear of the Follow Up?