Why Do I Fear Asking For Help?


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Last time I touched on one of the keys to conquering the Fear of Inadequacy;  being able to Ask For Help. However, Question # 7 in the Top 10 Questions I get Asked About Fear is “Why do I fear asking for help?”

The Fear of Asking For Help is a very common fear that many people face, especially in the Network Marketing Industry.

Because of the incredibly competitive World that we live in, asking for help can lead to some people to feel inadequate, weak or incompetent.

Garret Keizer, author of “Help: The Original Human Dilemma” (HarperCollins, 2004) says that ” There is an understandable fear that if you let your guard down, you’ll get hurt, or that this information you don’t know how to do will be used against you.”

But when you come from a place of utilizing other people’s skills to help your team and the entire company grow, rather than it Being All About You and feeling inadequate or incompetent, asking for assistance becomes a very valuable tool in driving your business forward.

Remember, Business is a Team Sport. No one gets there alone.

“Takin’ Care of Business, Everyday!!” Bachman Turner Overdrive

Stay tuned next time for “Is the Fear of Success Holding Me Back?”